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Here I post a backlog of news stories I’ve written for Schizophrenia Research Forum since March 2013 — 30 in all!


For me, highlights include two landmark studies finding common genetic roots among different psychiatric disorders (Landmark GWAS Links Different Disorders To Same SNPs 3/7/13, and Substantial Genetic Overlaps Measured Between Psychiatric Disorders 8/20/13), the CLARITY technique that reveals intricate details of brain structure (Brain Anatomy Revealed With CLARITY 3/10/13), and an interesting idea about how delusions remain so fixed in schizophrenia (Delusions Linked to Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processes 9/23/13).


The remaining stories are listed here:
Dopamine Signals Stall Dendritic Spine Formation in Young Mice 10/15/13
Data Support Kraepelinian Boundary Between Psychotic Disorders 10/9/13
Monkey Model of Schizophrenia Debuts 9/26/13
Altered Connections Between Cortex and Striatum Mark Psychosis Risk 9/17/13
Summer of Salience: Insula Fingered in Schizophrenia 9/10/13
Ambitious Genetic Integration Analysis of Schizophrenia Points to Early Brain Development 8/2/13
Can Experimentally “Created” Memories Help Explain Delusions? 7/31/13
DISC1 Tied to Motivation, Oxidative Stress in Mice 7/16/13
Neurexin Splicing Exerts Control Across the Synapse 7/11/13
Methamphetamine Points to Reward-Learning Deficits Underlying Psychosis 7/10/13
Schizophrenia and Bipolar With Psychosis Share Cognition, Connectivity 7/5/13
ADHD and Schizophrenia Share Some Genetic Risk 6/28/13
Can a Simple Amino Acid Treat Schizophrenia? 6/25/13
Brain Anomalies in Schizophrenia Arise Early, Degrade Connectivity 6/18/13
Surprise Signals: Optogenetics Links Dopamine to Prediction Errors 6/10/13
Schizophrenia-like Nrg1 Overabundance Repaired in Adult Mice 6/3/13
Perineuronal Nets Protect Interneurons Linked to Schizophrenia 5/17/13
Sodium Nitroprusside Rapidly Quells Schizophrenia Symptoms 5/10/13
Family Study Replicates Genetic Signals for Schizophrenia 4/19/13
ENCODE Explained to the Rest of Us 4/11/13
Dissecting Phenotype to Approach Genetics of Schizophrenia 4/4/13
Dialing Down Thalamus Disrupts Synchrony, Cognition 3/29/13
The Structure of Bias at Serotonin Receptors 3/26/13
Divide and Conquer: Isolating Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia 3/20/13
MIR137 Associated With Age of Onset, Brain Structure in Schizophrenia 3/18/13
Genetics Roundup: Motley Crew of Variants Kicks Off 2013 3/12/13

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