Cannabis for epilepsy

child-epilepsy-eeg-scan-17Parents of children with treatment-resistant epilepsy are searching for something to help, and some are turning to cannabis to try to reduce seizure frequency.

With clinical trials of cannabidiol-based drugs under way, evidence for this treatment option may soon be forthcoming. However, concerns remain about side effects, such as sedation, interactions with other drugs, and potential disturbances of brain development.

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Personalized depression treatment on the horizon?

illustration-woman-head-in-clouds-depression-16When a patient seeks help for depression, the doctor plays a primitive guessing game to find an effective antidepressant. It takes weeks to months to determine whether a drug really works, leaving many disabled and some to lose hope.

Now, researchers are seeking a way to match people with depression to an effective drug at the outset of their treatment by searching for tell-tale features that could predict how they will respond. This personalised approach draws on a range of measures, including genetic variation, inflammation-related molecules, and brain function.

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